While respecting the human values ​​which have permeated the group since its inception, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

From upstream to downstream in our sectors, we seek performance and cultivate the excellence of our products and services for the benefit of our customers.

Our success is collective. It is based on individual talents and our ability to bring them together, to advance them internally and through our partnerships.

Like generations of entrepreneurs who have built and developed the group, our teams meet daily challenges with daring and perseverance to continue the adventure. 

We consider respect, listening and kindness in interpersonal exchanges are key for collective success and individual development.

It is the Team Spirit that allows us to go further and be stronger, it is the Team Spirit as well that allows us to improve year after year the quality of life together that units past generations of employees.

The spirit of innovation has been one of our major assets for almost a century, with the same spirit of innovation and reactivity we are committed to providing solutions to the problems today and tomorrow.


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