Our vision

We are obsessed with providing exceptional value to our customers who care about saving energy and improving their accuracy in measuring fluids on land, at sea, in the air.


We focus on continuous improvement, which translates into both investment in our facilities and the ongoing development of our employees.

Our corporate purpose: combining dedicated experts, world-class manufacturing and calibration facilities,  to meet the measurement needs of our customers in the most reliable and environmentally friendly manner possible.

To position Faure Herman as a company capable of offering the most suitable volume and mass measurement solutions for the precious liquids and gases of tomorrow and to contribute to societal challenges in a world of resource scarcity.

Our Commitment – to utilize our world class calibration facility and decades of experience to develop, produce and calibrate high performance equipment for fluid measurement.

Our Goal – to provide excellent customer service and value to our clients while providing product & services to support their measurement requirements.

Our Mission – to focus on continuous improvement by investment in our people & facilities to ensure Faure Herman can serve tomorrows’ flow measurement needs today.