Precise measurement require custom calibration! If a meter is proved and operated on liquids with inherently identical properties and operating conditions (e.g., viscosity & flow rate), the highest level of accuracy can be anticipated.” — API MPMS Section


Faure Herman offers calibration services in our world class ILAC/COFRAC ISO 17025 accredited facility located in France to handle your range of flowmeters, provide service available to other brands and competitive metering technologies on field specified viscosity fluids.

  • Initial & Periodic verification according to local regulation (e.g. MID, with calibration uncertainty lower than 1/3 of the MPE in OIML R117 class 0.3), according to API MPMS's
  • Laboratory activities, like As Found Calibration to monitor the performance of your equipment
  • Calibration of non Faure Herman meters with real target fluids  

If time is key to you, we can offer a premium 2 week emergency service. Contact us!

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