Our jobs

Faure Herman's success relies on the fluid transmission over continents of our know-how within a human size collaborative team. 

This section unveils the inside working of each team.


Machining - Assembling

Our machining workshop is one of the key components of our expertise. Starting from the many profiles derived from the CAO (Computer assisted design), the machinists and the milling operators carry out in a serious but relaxed atmosphere, and always with rigor, the various machining operations of parts on digital control machine or traditional machine. The performance of our products can be linked to an iterative approach (each contributes as a team to the performance of the whole). 

The assemblers, whether in the industry department or the aeronautical department, work in pairs or as a team in a pleasant atmosphere. They perform various assembly preparation functionality tests to meet the strict standards of our industry, and then assemble basic or complex sets (or subsets) from a plan, a manufacturing range, or an instruction sheet to obtain the final product. They are at the heart of the continuous improvement process. 

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The calibration is the final component of our expertise. The metrological expertise of our calibrators is recognized worldwide and is accredited by COFRAC/ILAC (ISO 17025). The calibrators work mainly in pairs, as part of a larger team, they conduct the tests and develop the high-precision flow meters on various automated and conventional test benches (air, water, hydrocarbon fluids). They develop the propellers to obtain the performance expected by customers on the helicoïdale turbine meter range. They are also involved in the calibration and development, according to the customer specifications, of our range of ultrasonic flow meters. They interact with the assembly, the design office, the sales people, and the customers who comto carry out the approvals on site. 

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The Engineering Department

This department includes research, technology monitoring, studies and innovation activities that enable the design, the improvement, the certification(s) required according to the applications and markets covered, but also the optimization of our products, methods, or processes of today and tomorrow. Based on the lean approach, the different industrial and aeronautical skills (mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, software, pure research) have a wide autonomy, and work in project mode and in teams with the various internal components of the company (trade, production, calibration, ...) or external partners (laboratories, suppliers, customers, ...) to develop the products of the future or provide the answers expected by customers. CFD simulation is an important part of product development. 

The research and development sector is made of many trades: 


  • Technician Design Office
  • Techanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Fluid Engineer 
  • Aerospace Engineer 
  • Embedded Software Engineer(firmware) 
  • Electronic hardware engineer 
  • Mechatronic Engineer 
  • Project manager 
  • Head of Metrology 

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Our sales team

These professions are carried out within a dynamic team in an international context on the French ground, abroad, in the company or in distance, mainly in English. The business includes identifying customer needs, proposing solutions, negotiating, and selling products, services, consulting/auditing. But also after-sales service to customers in various industries or aeronautics by implementing technical skills acquired in-house and relational skills to develop turnover, range of offer, international representation and ultimately meet the needs of our current and prospective customers. We distinguish several related trades: 


  • Sales administration 
  • Business manager 
  • Sedentary Sales Manager 
  • Sales Manager / Itinerant Technical Sales Manager 
  • Engineer / Service Technician 
  • Marketing 

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Our Supply Chain team

This service includes a variety of multi-site activities including sales administration, procurement, partner or subcontractor management, receiving, shipments (domestic or international), planning/scheduling, and inventory management. 

We can distinguish: 

  • External logistics: reception, shipping, transit management, international (incoterms), letters of exchange, insurance, stock management, customer communication in terms of quantities/delays 
  • Internal logistics: procurement, reception, shipping, production planning, flow organization/coordination, handling, inventory management, production scheduling 
  • The development or management of partnerships, subcontractors 
  • Sales administration 

At Faure Herman, you will find: 

  • Reception/shipping agent 
  • Logistics manager/logistics technician 
  • Industrial Buyer 
  • Customer Relations Officer 

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Quality service

Our quality controllers/technicians are responsible for ensuring our quality remains constant.

They control the quality of incoming materials used in the production of Faure Herman’s products as well as performing the final quality control verification of finished products & associated documentation prior to shipment.

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DAF and HR support services

As small as it is the company FAURE HERMAN has all the attributes and wealth of a large one: accounting French GAAP and US GAAP, analytical accounting, industrial management control, foreign subsidiaries and consolidation, and a dynamic HR service close to employees using modern tools. 

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